Make the switch to a smarter home with this detailed video series comparing two of the most popular home automation hubs: Hubitat and SmartThings. Learn the truth about Home Assistant vs. SmartThings, how to install Kwikset Convert Zwave Plus Weiser, and more. πŸ€– Click to watch and make an informed decision!

Comparing Smart Home Hubs: Hubitat vs. SmartThings [2023 Review]

Are you looking to make the transition to a smarter home? One of the top contenders in the smart home industry is the Hubitat Elevation Hub. These highlighted videos take a detailed look at Hubitat and SmartThings, two of the most popular home automation hubs, to help you determine which is the best fit for your home. Here are the key takeaways from the videos:

β€’ The truth about Home Assistant vs. SmartThings
β€’ How to install Kwikset Convert Zwave Plus Weiser with Smartthings Wink Hubitat z-wave Zigbee setup
β€’ Beginners guide to switching to the Hubitat Elevation home automation hub
β€’ Hubitat C8 First Look And Migration From C7
β€’ Hubitat Elevation C-8 Review – Smart Home Automation Hub [2023]

In this video series, you’ll gain insight into the features and benefits of both Hubitat and SmartThings and be able to make an informed decision. The series dives into the installation of Kwikset Convert Zwave Plus Weiser with SmartThings Wink Hubitat z-wave Zigbee setup, a beginner’s guide to switching to Hubitat Elevation, and an in-depth review of the Hubitat Elevation C-8. Scroll down to watch the highlighted videos and gain valuable insight into the two popular home automation hubs.

The TRUTH About Home Assistant [Vs SmartThings]

Sat May 20 2023 16:42:05 UTC

For my 1 Month Anniversary on YouTube, I deliver the hard truths of Home Assistant to help people interested in Smart Home technology determine if it’s right for them. Throughout, I use SmartThings, ActionTiles, SmartTools and Hubitat as benchmarks of automation capabilities and expenditures of time. If you subscribed to this channel, and you use Home Assistant, please laugh along with me and let me know if you relate. I’d hate to lose any subscribers, so please do not take personally. Home Assistant is by far the most powerful automation hub, but it comes at a significant expense of your time and labor. If you have the brainpower I don’t have, more power to you!

βœ…Truths of Home Assistant from device compatibility, automation power and problems, and dashboards in addition to local capabilities βœ…A satirical guide to some of the HA hardships from RTSP cameras, Nabu Casa Cloud, Google Integration and Wi-Fi operation βœ…Required learning such as YAML, CSS, Python, Node Red, Z-Wave and Zigbee networks βœ…Security concerns / vulnerabilities of ecosystem including March 2023 Level 10 threat CVE-2023-27482 βœ…Notable mentions of Hubitat C-8 and Home Assistant Yellow hubs βœ…A prelude to Samsung SmartThings local compatibility video and teaser to my ManicModMonday series

*Like what you see?* It only gets better from here!

*Nothing* is safe from ManicMods!

Come join me on an epic adventure to mod the world! 😁


0:00 *Introduction* 3:04 *Local Operation / Speed and Security* 5:34 *Automation* 8:07 *Dashboards * 9:57 *Wrap-up*
How to Install Kwikset Convert Zwave Plus Weiser with Smartthings Wink Hubitat z-wave Zigbee setup

Mon Apr 17 2023 8:00:04 UTC

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Beginner’s Guide to switching to the Hubitat Elevation home automation hub

Sun Apr 2 2023 21:30:42 UTC

Learn what to expect when making the switch to Hubitat Elevation.See set up, adding Z-Wave and Zigbee smart homedevices, integrating with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home, using apps and more.

Online documentation: List of Compatible Devices:

Purchase Hubitat Elevation:

Setting up your hub: How to Add Devices: How to Use Basic Rules: Using Modes and Mode Manager: Hubitat Mobile App: Hubitat Dashboard: Integrating Amazon Alexa: Integrating with Apple HomeKit: Hubitat Safety Monitor: Using Logs:
Hubitat C8 First Look And Migration From C7

Fri Mar 10 2023 21:00:02 UTC

I just got a chance to get my hands on the Hubitat C8, this is how to migrate all of your devices over. With the video, it’ll end up taking you about 20 minutes, most of which is just spent waiting for the device to download, update and reboot.

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Hubitat Elevation C-8 Review – Smart Home Automation Hub [2023]

Wed Mar 1 2023 3:00:08 UTC

Hubitat has just released the C-8 home automation hub. The must have smart home hub has arrived.

Hubitat Elevation C-8 is a smart home automation hub that runs locally, meaning nothing runs in the cloud. Therefore, everything is private, fast and reliable. Hubitat supports Zigbee, Z-Wave and a host of other protocols to ensure you have maximum flexibility.

The latest hub leverages Z-Wave 800 and Zigbee 3.0

0:01 Introduction 0:22 What is Hubitat 0:55 Hubitat History 2:04 Hubitat C-8 Unboxing 3:00 Range Testing Setup & Results 5:07 How to Upgrade to the C-8 Hub 9:26 Summary and Recommendations

πŸ… Affiliate Product Links [last gen] Hubitat Elevation C-7 Home Automation Hub :

❀️ Hubitat Elevation C-8 Home Automation Hub :

🎞️ Useful Videos Troubleshooting Hubitat Elevation Pairing Issues :

Hubitat Elevation Full Review [original C-5 hub] :

Is Hubitat Elevation a Good Wink Hub 2 Alternative? :

Setup Lutron Caseta devices with Hubitat Elevation :

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Finally! The PERFECT Hub With Apple HomeKit

Wed Dec 28 2022 21:00:09 UTC

Hubitat with HomeKit is the perfect match for just about any smart home (and that’s coming from a SmartThings guy). Hubitat is a smart home hub with incredible home automation features and it connects to hundreds of Zigbee and Z-Wave smart home products. Hubitat recently gained Apple HomeKit integration and it means that Apple has access to one of the best home automation systems available today.

Not only that, but Hubitat and HomeKit pair so well together because each of them do something better that the other doesn’t do so well. HomeKit has HKSV (HomeKit Secure Video) while Hubitat has no camera integration to speak of. Hubitat does multi condition automations, while HomeKit is generally one condition or trigger.

The list goes on, but instead of reading, why don’t I show you?

Get a Hubitat Hub here: (Amazon affiliate link) Some of the smart home gadgets you see in today’s video: Water Leak Sensor – (Amazon affiliate link) Door Sensor – (Amazon affiliate link) Motion Sensor – (Amazon affiliate link) Ikea Tradfri Outlet – (Amazon affiliate link)

Timecodes for today’s video: 00:00 – The Best Smart Home Hub With HomeKit 0:57 – Why Hubitat with HomeKit is so Powerful 3:08 – How to Setup Hubitat with HomeKit 9:25 – See how Hubitat and HomeKit work together 11:19 – Improving the Integration for Zigbee and Z-Wave Devices 13:29 – Improving the Integration With Virtual Devices 19:46 – Getting HomeKit Cameras and Other Devices into Hubitat 24:15 – Virtual Dimmers with HomeKit 26:53 – Controlling Hubitat with Siri

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